SSKC is committed to community service and public education with goals of promoting responsible dog ownership.


Legislative Action: Did you know that in 2009, 40 bills were listed in the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives that involve dogs and other animals?  South Shore Kennel Club notifies it's members of upcoming legislation that is being presented in the Massachusetts State House that may effect dog ownership rights. Our member often pass this information on to their dog loving friends and families. Contacting your representatives and voicing your position on these issues is key to preserving your rights of owning the dog of your preference and keeping access to space to be able to enjoy them. Watch our Legislative Activities page for upcoming issue that may need your support.


Public Education:  SSKC attends many events through the year to promote Responsible Dog Ownership, Safety Around Dogs and AKC Events. Watch our Public Education page for upcoming events that we will attend. You can request us to attend your event/school/scout meeting by contacting our Public Education Coordinator at


Microchip Clinic: Losing a pet can be a devastating and traumatic experience.  Microchipping your pet and enrolling them in the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Program will link your pet with a 24/7 recovery network.  This will greatly increase the chance that your pet will be returned to you, if ever lost or stolen.  Watch our Events page for the next low cost clinic opportunity to protect your pet.


Therapy Dogs: SSKC is proud to have several members who bring their dogs to area nursing homes for resident visitations. It is a special day when they get to make our seniors happy with a brief visit & share recollections of the pets they have shared their lives with. If you would like to request a therapy dog visitation, please contact


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